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Eric Albarracin

Patricio Pitbull FREIRE Patricio"Pitbull" Freire and the staff at Kansas Regeneratuve Medicine Center with his Championship belt Patricio "Pittbull" Freires receiving stem cell therapy by injection at KRMC in Manhattan, Kansas Pittbull, championship belt with KRMC staff Eric Albarracin and fighters Winning wrestler and MMA Coach Eric Albarracin Eric Albarracin and fighters Henry Cejuda and Eric Albarracin Anderson Silva and Eric Albarracin Captain America Eric Albarracin Patricio Pitbull Freires, Pat Farley and Eric Albarracin Patricio Pitbull Freires and Eric Albarracin Patricio Pitbull Freires and Eric Albarracin

Eric Albarracin is a 7X Armed Forces Wrestling Champion and 3X University National Wrestling Champion. Eric also trained with Henry Cejudo; mentoring Henry.

The Ultimate Fighter-Brazil wrestling coach and silver medalist in the Pan American games.

Eric Albarracin is a retired American wrestler who won a silver medal in the 54 kg division at the 1997 Pan American Championships. Currently he coaches professional mixed martial arts competitors from Brazil, and in this capacity participated in The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 2 and The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3. Before that Albarracin trained Olympic champion Henry Cejudo.

Albarracin is a Captain in the U.S. Army in the Individual Readiness Training Company. He is also the Officer in Charge of Modern Army Combatives, a hand-to-hand combat system. His father was born in Colombia and lived in Bogota until 1960s before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona.

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