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21JunNo Comments
Patricio Pitbull Pulls Highlight Reel KO
mmastemcell June 21, 2015 No Comments

Patricio Pitbull Pulls Highlight Reel KO

Watch Patricio “Pitbull” Freire pull off an early comeback of the year candidate performance after a highlight reel worthy knockout against Daniel Weichel at Bellator 138 following Pitbull’s stem cell treatment at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in January.

Patricio ‘Pitbull’ Freire pulled off another impressive come from behind victory. This time, as he defended his featherweight title at Bellator 138, he was dropped and saved by the bell at the opening round, only to secure another highlight reel stoppage seconds into the following round. Here’s a snippet from our live blog of the event:

Right hook from Weichel staggers Pitbull! A knee knocks him down! Weichel went to follow up but the round ended! Piitbull is woozy but made it to his corner. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 2 – Pitbull was backing off early but Weichel wasn’t getting on him. He finally brought some pressure against the cage. Then out of nowhere, Pitbull floors Weichel with a left! One follow-up punch and it’s over! WOW!

Patricio Freire defeats Daniel Weichel by KO (strikes), round 2!

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